04.01.2013 WebPage V10 English version.

19.12.2012 New WebPage V10 online.

28.11.2012 BrokerBase delivers DMS.

18.10.2012 Timberland introduces BrokerBase in Hungary.

10.10.2012 New WM interface for the Internet.

13.10.2012 SQL Server 2012 successfully tested.

28.09.2012 Complete change of BrokerBase development to .Net 2012

10.02.2012 Trial for BB10 delivered

BrokerBase: CRM / DMS (Document-Management-System)

The BrokerBase CRM module is an information system for the customer and consultant of the front office. All customer data and trades are displayed in special masks. The open positions are valued and the buy order compared, in order to have a profit / loss overview.

Customer revision texts and additionall texts from administators per each account can be stored.

DMS - Document-Management-System

The documents of each account will be saved in the database, having the following formats available: PDF, XML, CSV, DOC, etc...

Starting with version 10.0, the automatic filling of documents is supported. These documents can then be delivered to the Internet banking system.


• ServerJob

• between BrokerBase 9.00

• and BrokerBase 10.00

• for Core-Banking-Systeme

WM Interface

• Event-Controlling

• Elektronic Workflow

• full control