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BrokerBase: Payments

BrokerBase provides several masks for national and international payments. All bookings are recognized and booked by the BrokerBase BookingMachine. The BookingMachine has a transaction history, that can be viewed and browsed easily with the help of the filtering system. Additionally, the accounting accounts and subledger accounts are displayed on each payment.

The BBECS (BrokerBase Event Control System) is an electronic workflow that helps the user to perform additional steps in their bookings. For example, it is possible that for just booked stocks, corporate action to be incurred. BBECS will find these cases and will display them to the user as an event.

The BrokerBase payment masks are available for the following products:

  • Cash bookings with customizable text blocks
  • Internal changes as dates(for example: due date)
  • External standing orders / direct debits duration

The following interfaces are available for the BrokerBase payments system:

  • SWIFT payments and direct debits in the EU (series MT 1xx and 7xx series MT)
  • SEPA direct debits and payments in the EU area
  • DTA in Germany in the forms: ICSD / FPs

All payment orders are automatically parsed, read and took over by the BookingMachine, following these three steps:

1. Read in

2. Checking for data completeness - data maintenance if needed

3. Booking on the accounts (using main booking / sub-booking system)


Through the interfaces, all cash transactions are routed (for example commission payments for sales). Starting with version 10.0, all the payments masks that are included in BrokerBase have a central electronically controlled workflow (BBECS) and role based controled access.


• Real Multitreading

• Central Control

• Prioritization

• Use of the MultiCore-CPU


BrokerBase MultiThread

• Customer-Relationship-Management

• Document-Management-System

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