04.01.2013 WebPage V10 English version.

19.12.2012 New WebPage V10 online.

28.11.2012 BrokerBase delivers DMS.

18.10.2012 Timberland introduces BrokerBase in Hungary.

10.10.2012 New WM interface for the Internet.

13.10.2012 SQL Server 2012 successfully tested.

28.09.2012 Complete change of BrokerBase development to .Net 2012

10.02.2012 Trial for BB10 delivered

BrokerBase: Securities business

BrokerBase offers multiple masks for the securities industry, which have been developed for international securities trading. It can handle almost all occuring international securities, derivatives, bonds and billing methods. For over 20 years we have been developing the masks in a close relation with our customers and we are now offering comfortable, clear and practical forms for the securities industry.

The BBECS (BrokerBase Event Control System) is an electronic workflow that helps the user to perform additional steps in their bookings. For example, it is possible that for just booked stocks, corporate action to be incurred. BBECS will find these cases and will display them to the user as an event.

The following instruments can be traded:

  • Shares and equity related securities
  • Future, long/short
  • Options, long/short
  • Bonds, all kinds
  • Forward rate agreement (FRA)
  • Domestic fund / foreign dividend distribution / accumulating/reinvesting fund
  • Forex
  • CFDs

For the BrokerBase securities business, the following masks are available:

  • Master Data Management
  • Booking Machine: interface for trades and corporate actions
  • Interfaces for WM and SIX (as server job technology)
  • Order Routing / Order Management
  • Securities trading
  • Corporate actions
  • Derivates
  • Securitie bookings and administration
  • Bank statements
  • Bearings management

Starting with version 10.0, all the trading masks that are included in BrokerBase have a central electronically controlled workflow (BBECS) and role based controled access.

• Tax optimization

• Funds control

• Exemption orders

• Loss certificate

Withholding tax

Technological leap

between BrokerBase 9.00

and BrokerBase 10.00

for Core-Banking-System