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BrokerBase: Booking masks

BrokerBase offers premium quality booking masks that make it very easy for users to perform complex bookings. All masks contain a powerful searching tool, that allows browsing through using an account number, or directly searching for a booking. Every booking mask contains also s filtering system for the overview, that can be used independently of the current booking. BrokerBase 10 contains newly improved booking masks, for more comfort in use and efficiency.

For example, BrokerBase offers you the possibility to create simultaneously in the TradeBooking mask an open trade and several close trades, and see the result in real time. Additionally, the TradeBooking mask displays a comfortable overview of the PrimaNota subledger.

On the same time, as in any other mask, the TradeBooking mask offers you the possibility to display additional information, from the database fields that you select, in the browsing list.

Multitrading mask

The Multitrading is a booking mask that allows you to quickly book several entries at a time, trades or cash bookings. The system books automatically with the possibly existing stocks of all accounts and calculates the overhangs. It is possible to book several trades at the same time in one place.

The Multibooking mask displays the account number, name and the current balance. It also provides the facility of recalculating the account balance with the current input.

Every detail and information contained in the Multibooking mask can be exported to an external XML file and therefore used as a macro.

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