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BrokerBase: Service & Support

For our customers, we offer a highly skilled and qualified support, which is at the time mainly handled via the Internet. Our staff speak fluent English or German.

BrokerBase offers support directly via the Internet connection with the customer database (of course, not with the production system, with a special test database that our support established) or also via remote desktop and email. Additionally, it is possible for safety reasons to use a VPN connection. In this case, however, there are some technical issues to be handled. Once having established a VPN connection, it will be stable and usually requires no further maintenance.

The support is established by the maintenance contract, having the possibility to choose starting with a high level of support as a premium service until a free update rights within a release version.



With these techniques we can find and eliminate any errors or incorrect amounts. A mistake is not a mistake if it can be corrected so that it will not have future effects. Especially with the large number of interfaces for trades and other data feeds, it is important to be able to react to data content changes.

Today, cost-efective offers can be offered by every clearer. We can offer and support for each data feed (if not already included in BrokerBase) a stable interface along with further service.

The booking data will then be automatically scaned and inported into the system. For trades, the default behaviour is that the commission is charged along with the traded amount. For this situation, Brokerbase 10.0 provides a sophisticated system regarding commission groups, minimum commission and security features that enable an automatic calculation, covering all types of fees. However, this requires having a complete data feed from the clearer.



The daily back-office expenses usually consist only of verfication of voting districts.

The time gained by using automatic interfaces such as the BookingMachine is enormous and a large data sets is a precondition for a functional and profitable financial service. But since, as already described, almost all interfaces need to be adjusted from time to time, we will have to maintain these changes programmatically.


• Real Multitreading

• Central Control

• Prioritization

• Use of the MultiCore-CPU


BrokerBase MultiThread

• Banking statistics

• KWG News

• Liquidity control


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