04.01.2013 WebPage V10 English version.

19.12.2012 New WebPage V10 online.

28.11.2012 BrokerBase delivers DMS.

18.10.2012 Timberland introduces BrokerBase in Hungary.

10.10.2012 New WM interface for the Internet.

13.10.2012 SQL Server 2012 successfully tested.

28.09.2012 Complete change of BrokerBase development to .Net 2012

10.02.2012 Trial for BB10 delivered

Welcome to BrokerBase,
the core banking system for banks and financial services

BrokerBase V10.0
the front and back-office software for the banking and financial services

BrokerBase is used throughout Europe since 1992 in banking, retail banking and financial services as an efficient core banking system for shares, CFDs, funds, commodities and forex transactions. Additionally, there are other modules e.g. for credit risks, interest module, tax calculations, or interfaces for WM, SIX or BAIS of BSM.

Real multithreading for efficient work

BrokerBase Core-Banking-System has continually evolved throughout the years and each mask is an independent module (individual DLL). Nevertheless, these modules generate real threads, eg printing as a background process or the loading of data. This feature is not implemented and/or used at the moment by any other core banking system except BrokerBase.



Advantages: Fast, beautiful, efficient (the computer waits almost never, as BrokersBase utilizes all cores of the CPU) and parallel work. The threads are managed centrally by the Core-Banking-System, so they can even run slower, sometimes faster, as it is needed. The user has partial access to this control.

Server Jobs

Since 2008, we deliver all the important calculations such as the flat tax as a server job, which represent the highest level of database technology, have an extremely high processing speed and are extremely safe.

Banks appreciate the fast processing and the many external interfaces, agents, the comfort, the CRM, the Document Management System and integrated commission management. The user is guided through the program, while in the background checks take place constantly, to complete the process. Broker Base comes with an English / German multilingual interface.



The platforms

BrokerBase V10.0runs under Windows 7 as 64-bit program and is also supplied as 32-bit program that runs under Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.



BrokerBase V10.0 woks with the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. Here, all of the advanced SQL features of middle-data systems are used to bring the speed and security, as server jobs, stored procedures or triggers. Of course, all the features of MS SQL Server are used as backups during the day to day operations or database replication. Automatic notifications as e-mail sending are used, for example whether a backup is completed, Broker being an open back office system.

• Event-Controlling

• Elektronic Workflow

• full control


• Banking statistics

• KWG News

• Liquidity control


BAIS (c) Interface