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19.12.2012 New WebPage V10 online.

28.11.2012 BrokerBase delivers DMS.

18.10.2012 Timberland introduces BrokerBase in Hungary.

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13.10.2012 SQL Server 2012 successfully tested.

28.09.2012 Complete change of BrokerBase development to .Net 2012

10.02.2012 Trial for BB10 delivered

How about your Core-Banking-System?

An open approach

It will not be possible to integrate the innovative new technology of BrokerBase V10 obsolete for the front and back office systems, as it requires a complete rewrite of the software. Our new BrokerBase technology benefits over 20 man-years of development alone only for multithreading, which is also the highest level of development in the current software technology. Saying that we have been using this technology for x years, is a misunderstanding.

This technology is supported by compilers starting only 4 year ago (basically only Microsoft dot-Net 2008 or newer release).



The sad truth is that there still are in use, in the banking sector, systems with completely outdated compilers (we choose not to mention, for legal reasons, any names, but we are certain that these systems can be easily identified, considering that they are overpassed by children console games these days) which leads many banks and financial services with their front-or back-office system to a dead end from which there is no turning back.

What is the reason for which have lately so many banks merged, why were so many projects unfinished or are permanently in maintainance, why were so many people let go? Because the costs have been increasing uncontrollably. Because simple projects such as the flat tax were implemented for 500.000 EUR, 1 mil EUR or even 2 mil EUR! Why should it be so difficult?


Since 2008, we have continuously worked on converted the BrokerBase system to a multithreading system with server jobs. The new one integrates an electronic workflow controller(BBECS - Broker Base Event Control System). Our customers are using today server jobs, the booking machine, ECB rates, WC, flat tax, and so on, and would not want to give up the comfort and safety.

All critical processes were converted to server jobs and are controlled centrally starting with the Broker Base v10. This technique is innovative, reliable, easily parameterized, open on all sides, and also allows for simple, cost-effective and rapid implementation, testing and delivery.

So how about your Core-Banking-System?

Technological leap

between BrokerBase 9.00

and BrokerBase 10.00

for Core-Banking-System


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