• Dedicated server job (background processes)
  • Safety certificate for the server job
  • Automatic data import
  • Xentric (c) Data
  • Xentric (c) Order
  • All account types
  • GiveUp-TakeUp operations
  • Break-Downs operations
  • Very high speed
  • Completely parametrizable
  • Control over BBECS (BrokerBase Event-Control-System)
  • Latest .Net development

BrokerBase ServerJob: EUREX / XETRA Interfaces

BrokerBase provides a server job based interface, with the BookingMachine, for the data of the Deutsche Börse Clearing. Aditionally, for trading, BrokerBase processes in BrokerBase-Risk (BB-Risk) realtime data from the data streams Xentric (c) Data or Xentric (c) Order and offers a full trade takeover for Exchanges fees, Break-Down and TrakeUp-GiveUp.

see also: German Stock Exchange / Xentric

The Booking Machine offers a parameterizable sub-ledger, that allows direct booking of commission structure based.
BrokerBase calculates the order quantity on a unique, complex mechanism and therefore can book the correct commission scales.

The EUREX / XETRA interface runs automatically as a server job in the background and offers a 3-step data processing:

  • 1. Import
  • 2. Precheck with error controlling and user events
  • 3. Booking by FI/FO
  • Real-time data processing for the front office in BrokerBase Risk (BB-risk) over Xentric

Additionally, all data is archived, so that at any time it can be determined which data is delivered.
Despite the high cost, the export is extremely fast, as described above, a central server taking over the job tasks.
In BrokerBase 10.0 was introduced an event controlling system (BBECS) for central processing and error control. The BBECS automatically recognises the EUREX/XETRA interface and displays all events in a comprehensible and user-specific mode.
An import of 5,000 trades, that executes the 3-stage process including sub-ledger bookings, takes less than 2 minutes.

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