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28.11.2012 BrokerBase delivers DMS.

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BrokerBase ServerJob: Withholding Tax

BrokerBase provides for the german withholding tax a central ServerJob and several masks for daily business. The operation is very practical, as in the case, for example, of fonds, where before the calculation, all relevant fields are checked by the WM. Specially, the ED table of the WM is proofed, and, if the case, instructions for the user are generated.

The BBECS (Broker Base Event Control System) is an electronic workflow that monitors the entire credit system, automatically creates the credit bookings, accepts payments due and controls the further processes. When limits are exceeded or upon expiry of overdraft, the BBECS automatically informs the users, based on the user role about the events, so that following the four-eyes principle, further steps can be taken.

German Withholding Tax

  • Master data masks for exemption orders, old losses, and the withholding tax, complete with history
  • Master data of NV certificates, complete with history
  • Tax-optimized browser data for the Account Master Data
  • The distinction in taxation for private property, business property, corporations, nationals, foreigners
  • Print or PDF export of individual tax statements, annual tax statements, loss of certification, as well as Income statements
  • Several events such as closing accounts
  • The proper tax treatment of the church tax for married couples with different states
  • The correct tax treatment of married couples with different proportions of joint accounts
  • Exchange rate at the ECB rates
  • The proper tax treatment for corporate actions
  • The correct tax treatment for KEST applications
  • The identification of all BrokerBase master data by the WM
  • Calculating tax on funds by the WM with a single master data display of all fields in data dump (by funds up to 80 fields per booking)
  • Subsequent accounting and tax optimization
  • Overviews for exemption orders, pots, old losses and been utilized pots
  • Extremely fast computation of about 200,000 bookings per hour

Starting with version 10.0, all securities masks that are included in BrokerBase have a central electronically controlled workflow (BBECS) and role based controled access.

• Real Multitreading

• Central Control

• Prioritization

• Use of the MultiCore-CPU


BrokerBase MultiThread

• Customer-Relationship-Management

• Document-Management-System

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