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BrokerBase: Currency dealings / money market / Forex

BrokerBase offers several masks for currency dealings / Forex. It allows the possibility of multi-account booking, as well as counter-accounts of foreign banks. The BBECS (BrokerBase Event Control System) is an electronic workflow that helps the user to perform additional steps in their bookings. For example, it is possible that for just booked stocks, corporate action to be incurred. BBECS will find these cases and will display them to the user as an event.

The following masks are available for the currency dealings / Forex :

  • Positions in the traded currencies
  • Positions in the traded currencies and dates
  • Cross-currency positions, average interest rates
  • Statements with net positions, with priority given to a currency
  • Conversion of all positions in a stock currency
  • Net / gross positions per accounts class and profit centers
  • All bookings are recognized in the BrokerBase BookingMachine

As for the BrokerBase-Risk (BrokerBase's risk management for the front Office / trading), we offer:

  • Real-time calculation of market values
  • Real-time calculation of risk value
  • Real-time calculation of net positions per accounts class
  • Limit information of currencies, total risk, bank risk, counterparty risk
  • Currency simulations
  • Rate links to REUTERS (c) about TRIAC or other interfaces

BrokerBase also supplies masks for the currency trading (FOREX) and settlements, like:

  • Foreign Exchange (Forex): cash, swap, future
  • Currencies extension (roll-over positions) for the entire bank accounts per class or profit center
  • Interest rate derivatives, FRAs and IRS
  • Cross-currency swaps
  • Future on interest rates

Starting with version 10.0, all the trading masks that are included in BrokerBase have a central electronically controlled workflow (BBECS) and role based controled access.


• Tax optimization

• Funds control

• Exemption orders

• Loss certificate

Withholding tax

Technological leap

between BrokerBase 9.00

and BrokerBase 10.00

for Core-Banking-System