• Dedicated ServerJob (background processes)
  • Safety certificate for the server job
  • Automatic export
  • Parametrizable
  • All account types
  • History
  • High speed
  • Control over BBECS (BrokerBase Event-Control-System)
  • Physical separation of the back office and compliance
  • Role-based access control

BrokerBase ServerJob: SIX Financial Information (formerly Telekurs)

BrokerBase provides an additional server-job based interface for accessing the SIX-data of the company SIX Financial Information. SIX-data is the standard master data for banks and financial service providers in Switzerland.

see also: SIX-Financial

SIX-data can be imported daily, automatically. BrokerBase creates a hisotry for these imports.

BrokerBase processes the SIX-data for following:


  • Master dtaa
  • Value numbers
  • Corporate actions
  • Settlements
  • Exchange rates
  • Expiration days
  • Funds compositions
  • New and modified, each with history

In BrokerBase 10.0 wurde ein Event-Control-System (BBECS) zur zentralen Bearbeitungsliste und Fehlerkontrolle eingeführt. DIn BrokerBase 10.0 was introduced an event controlling system (BBECS) for central editing lists and error control. The BBECS automatically recognises the SIX-data interface and displays all events in a comprehensible and user-specific mode.
The import of 10,000 accounts with about 200,000 bookings takes less than 10 minutes! As a "normal" import job, it would transfer over 1 hour only the data in the network.

• Tax optimization

• Funds control

• Exemption orders

• Loss certificate

Withholding tax

• Banking statistics

• KWG News

• Liquidity control


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