• Dedicated ServerJob (background processes)
  • Safety certificate for the server job
  • Automatic export
  • Parametrizable
  • All account types
  • History
  • High speed
  • Control over BBECS (BrokerBase Event-Control-System)
  • Physical separation of the back office and compliance
  • Role-based access control

BrokerBase ServerJob: EZB Exchange Rates

BrokerBase provides a server job based interface for the EZB exchange rates. All exchange rates are further thoroughly processed and can therefore be seen clearly.

see also: ECB Euro foreign exchange reference rates

The ECB exchange rates can be downloaded for free on the ECB website.

The server job performs the following functions:

  • Automatic Download and unzip of the ECB Exchange Rates
  • Check for completeness of the rates against the bookings
  • Historicization of data
  • Events for missing exchange rates

• Customer-Relationship-Management

• Document-Management-System

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• Liquidity control


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